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WellOffice.net™ Suite

WellOffice.net™ is a web-based suite of applications especially tailored for the wells and drilling industry. Built from scratch inside the Wells department in A/S Norske Shell, our software engineers have worked closely with people supporting the operational processes while developing the various systems. Our applications cover rig logistics, knowledge management, safe crane movement, training record management, daily cost control, KPI monitoring, project management, and HSEQ and human care taking. Now all our applicatons are prepared for rollout at other premises for the general drilling... 

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WellOffice.net™ Dashboard

KPI Dashboard

A WellOffice.net™ Application

The KPI Dashboard is a tool for easy access to key data of the drilling project. It shows Key Performance Indicators for each important part of a well project (HSEQ, Quality, Delivery/Schedule and Cost). The dashboard displays performance data with animated charts. Some parts of the application are used in daily and weekly performance reports, and in information channels for the drilling projects in AS Norske Shell.  Read More

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WellOffice.net™ Training Matrix

Training Matrix

A WellOffice.net™ Application

The Training Matrix (UIE Wells Training) is a sophisticated web application where all employees can administrate their own training records. The system is part of the WellOffice™ Suite from Flinke Folk AS. The main benefit of using Training Matrix is that every individual will have his/her own training records and documents available on a single location. This provides executives with a complete overview of training inside their department/company.  Read More

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WellOffice.net™ Rig Logistics

Rig Logistics

A WellOffice.net™ Application

The Rig Logistics web application is used by operators to follow up all supplies, rented equipment and consumable materials needed for drilling operations. The system lets engineers and logistics personnel follow the equipment all through the value chain; from vendors via supply bases to rigs – and back. Rig Logistics delivers integrated operations involving all participants; drilling engineers, vendors, quality assurance personnel, supply bases, logistics personnel and transportation.  Read More

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WellOffice.net™ File System

File System

A WellOffice.net™ Application

The WellOffice.net™ File System is a web-based collaboration and document management system that lets you share files (e.g. spreadsheets, images or CAD drawings) with specific people or groups of people inside or outside your company with ease.  Read More

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WellOffice.net™ RTOL

Real Time Operating Limits

A WellOffice.net™ Application

Real Time Operating Limits (RTOL) is used to select the operating limits for running the Ormen Lange EDP and LRP from the West Navigator. The system reads actual measured current data from the Fugro ADCP (primary source) and the Wave Rider Buoy (secondary source). Based on the measured current RTOL selects the relevant operating envelope with respect to the actual depth of riser run. This enables the operating limits to be optimized with respect to actual current conditions rather than assuming the worst case conditions (i.e. 1 year return current). Optimize operating limits, Multiple operation... 

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WellOffice.net™ Action Tracker

Action Tracker

A WellOffice.net™ Application

Action Tracker is a simplified project management system used to plan, organize and manage time and resources through tasks, milestones and projects.  Read More

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WellOffice.net™ Map Tools / Safe Lifting

Map Tools / Safe Lifting

A WellOffice.net™ Application

Map Tools are used to plan and visualize movement of cranes or vessels. The Safe Lifting Tool makes it easy to plan safe overboard lifting which is especially important in projects with many subsea structures to prevent damage from dropped objects. Maps with all structures, Risk assessment, Prevent damage from dropped objects Planning tool for rig move with overhanging riser,High quality maps with seabed typography Built-in positions & vessels, Measure distances, Easy to visualize rig and crane movements The Map Tools may also be used with detailed and high-quality maps, i.e. to plan... 

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WellOffice.net™ Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

A WellOffice.net™ Application

Weather Forecast is an advanced dashboard-like application that shows the current weather observations and forecasts at specified locations. The forecast includes the most used parameters offshore (significant wave height, wave period, wind speed, wind direction, visibility etc..) and observations can be provided by the weather radar on the drilling vessel and/or wave buoy(s).  Read More

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Adding dots

It’s been a few busy years since our last update. Not only have our logistics solution facilitated effectiveness and cost savings in Shell’s operations in Gulf of Mexico, but we have also added over 10 new countries to our list of serviced regions.

Shell Regions May 2016

WellOffice usage in Shell, May 2016

Looking ahead in these challenging times for the industry, the WellOffice suite actually performs stronger than ever before inside Shell, and we see many new opportunities to grow both internally and externally.

Shell Upstream Americas have moved our Rig Logistics Management from the pilot phase to implementation phase 1. We are now onboard 6 rigs and aim to be fully implemented on all of Shell’s offshore installations by spring 2017.

The Lithuanian office is fully occupied with the pilot phase of Shell’s Well Cost Estimation Tool, application scheduled for implementation phase late 2016.
They are also developing an E2Open client for the RLM implementation.

Our Norwegian team is busy servicing the WellOffice infrastucture, and developing new features for global deployment mainly in the areas of performance & planning.

Opening the subsidiary Flinke Folk in Lithuania

Lithuania - Klaipeda(15th of May, 2014)

Our hunt for talent in Lithuania is nearly complete, and we have officially registered the subsidiary Flinke Folk as a Lithuanian company. The new branch will primarily serve as a development and support office, helping us to build even greater software as well as expanding our customer support throughout the World.

Currently we are busy setting up our office in Klaipeda which is not only a beautiful and vibrant city, but also one of the biggest centers for technology in Lithuania.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank and welcome our new employees in Lithuania. Together we hope to take WellOffice and Flinke Folk to the next level!

Seeking talent in Lithuania

LinkedIn Job Listing(4th of February, 2014)

As we enter 2014 the interest and demand for the WellOffice suite and our services are increasing. To address this we are now seeking candidates in Lithuania to fill 2-3 positions as programmers to support our development team in Norway. If our search is successful we are looking to establish a new WellOffice branch in a yet to be determined city in the country.


WellOffice going global in Shell

(29th of January, 2014)

Today marks an important step for WellOffice as we have just launched some of our applications globally in Shell.

Joining our existing regions Norway, UK and the Netherlands, the first new regions to take advantage of our software solutions include Malaysia, China, New Zealand and the Philippines.

New Regions in Shell

New Regions in Shell

This will most certainly be a very busy year for Flinke Folk, and to meet that demand we have recently welcomed networking and hardware specialists Ove Hunstok (late 2013) and Espen Ørland (January 2014) to our team.

We are proud to have come this far, and will hopefully add additional employees and countries to our map in 2014.

– Tor Alm, CEO Flinke Folk