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Flinke Folk AS - History

Flinke Folk AS

The company was first founded to cover the need for information technology support in AS Norske Shell’s well operations in Norway. The forerunner of the WellOffice.net™ suite of applications was born a few years later when there was a demand for development of customized applications inside the wells department. Currently Flinke Folk AS employs 7 coworkers who all contribute in developing first class web software and providing system support for different clients, of which AS Norske Shell is the major one.

Shaping the future with commitment to the delivery of exceptional high standards and results, for business, people, society and the environment.

WellOffice.net™ Main Objective

Fllinke Folk AS has a vision of being the chosen developer and supplier of applications supporting well operations in offshore oil fields around the World. We want to be a forefront runner, applying modern technology blended with long experience in supporting processes for rig operations. Flinke Folk AS employs only the most qualified experts to fulfill this vision.

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+47 952 33 831 (Tor Alm)
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Flinke Folk A/S
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WellOffice A/S
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