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Action Tracker

Action Tracker is a simplified project management system used to plan, organize and manage time and resources through tasks, milestones and projects.

Notable Features for Action Tracker:

Detailed planning,Assign tasks to users,Organize tasks in milestones and projects

E-mail reminders,Weekly overview,“Soon due” reminders

PDF, Excel & Word, Milestone overview, Tasks based on status (overdue, priority etc).

Web-based. Supports all operating systems. Access from everywhere. Easy to implement

Complete history, Full backup,See all changes to tasks, milestones and projects.

  • Scheduling

    Commit resources between a variety of possible tasks organized in milestones and projects.

  • Resource Management
    Assign tasks to one or more users.

    Action Tracker - Assign tasks to users
  • Document Management
    Upload file attachments to tasks.

    Action Tracker - Upload files
  • Web-based
    Can be accessed from anywhere in the World.

  • E-mail reminders
    Weekly summaries and due reminders.

  • Change logs
    Complete change logs for tasks and milestones.

    Action Tracker - Changelog
  • Export / Reports
    Administrators can export various reports to PDF, Excel or Word format such as list of overdue tasks, milestone summaries, list of high priority tasks etc.

Application Screenshot

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