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KPI Dashboard

The KPI Dashboard is a tool for easy access to key data of the drilling project. It shows Key Performance Indicators for each important part of a well project (HSEQ, Quality, Delivery/Schedule and Cost).

The dashboard displays performance data with animated charts. Some parts of the application are used in daily and weekly performance reports, and in information channels for the drilling projects in AS Norske Shell.

Notable Features for KPI Dashboard

Executive overview,Up-to-date data,NPT, Costs, Time / Depth,Plan / Actual, HSEQ

Automatic data retrieval, SAP, EDM, Scala & more! Get data from any system.

Meetings & presentations,TV screens, Include live, animated graphs in PowerPoint etc.

Weekly cost control, NPT, Time / Depth

Web-based. Supports all operating systems. Easy to implement

Strong encryption,Access control,Full backup

WellOffice.net™ Dashboard

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