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Rig Logistics

The Rig Logistics web application is used by operators to follow up all supplies, rented equipment and consumable materials needed for drilling operations.

The system lets engineers and logistics personnel follow the equipment all through the value chain; from vendors via supply bases to rigs – and back.

Rig Logistics delivers integrated operations involving all participants; drilling engineers, vendors, quality assurance personnel, supply bases, logistics personnel and transportation.

Notable Features for Rig Logistics

Onshore and offshore,Bases, rigs and vendors,In daily meetings

Track all equipment, Certificates, manifests,Reduce NPT, involve all parties, integrate logistics

Complete overview,Plan load-outs,Monitor all equipment movement

Complete and daily control,Drive rental costs down,View history and graphs

Web-based. Supports all operating systems. Easy to implement

Strong encryption, Access control, Full backup.

WellOffice.net™ Rig Logistics

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