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ProgrammingFlinke Folk AS provides information technology services for drilling operations and Livelink. Since 2006 the drilling operations for Ormen Lange and for the deepwater wells GRO II / Dalsnuten have been supported by our qualified staff.

Our services:

  • IT support

    We provide general IT support like database management, LAN/WAN service and support, datacommunication set-up, and support on operating systems.

  • Software development for well operations

    Through our in-house staff of senior programmers and systems architects, we design, develop, deploy and maintain current and new applications. Through our positive turn on a dime approach towards new projects and challenges, we strive to always reach deadlines and utmost customer satisfaction.

  • Installation and support on all WellOffice.net™ applications

    We install, train users and maintain all of our own applications for signed-up customers.

  • Logistics support

    We  plan to include logistic services bundled with our Rig Logistics Management system.