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Support & Training

Customer Support

Customer Support, WellOffice.net
We provide customer support by telephone and e-mail mainly during office hours, but support may be extended depending on the type of contract the customers chooses to buy. In addition the WellOffice.net™ Help Center is available at all times, providing help for common tasks in all of our applications.

E-mail support (office hours): support [at] welloffice [dot] net


Flinke Folk AS provides all necessary training for the WellOffice.net™ Suite.
Maintaining confidence through sufficient training is a high priority for us. By having programmers directly involved in the process of teaching, we gain valuable knowledge about our applications and their user-friendliness. Whether feedback is positive or negative is irrelevant, at the end its all about serving the purpose of the initial intent and create outstanding results accordingly.

Our support groups usually consist of 4 to 8 people and may last between a few hours to a few days. In 2010 we applied and maintained competence for more than 15 companies and about 90 users through about 15 training sessions at customer sites.