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Training Matrix

The Training Matrix (UIE Wells Training) is a sophisticated web application where all employees can administrate their own training records. The system is part of the WellOffice™ Suite from Flinke Folk AS.

The main benefit of using Training Matrix is that every individual will have his/her own training records and documents available on a single location. This provides executives with a complete overview of training inside their department/company.

Main features

The matrix lists courses by category and shows if they are mandatory, recommended or optional for each role and region. Electronic copies of course certificates are stored for each course that has been attended.

Courses with an expiry date will issue an e-mail warning prior to expiry to the individual and his/hers training coordinator (3 months and 1 month before), as well as a notification on actual expiry.

The individual’s own records are mapped against the company’s own predefined roles.

The training coordinator may access list gaps and expiry date status.

WellOffice.net™ Training Matrix

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