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Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast is an advanced dashboard-like application that shows the current weather observations and forecasts at specified locations. The forecast includes the most used parameters offshore (significant wave height, wave period, wind speed, wind direction, visibility etc..) and observations can be provided by the weather radar on the drilling vessel and/or wave buoy(s).

Notable Features for Weather Forecast

Always updated,At any location,StormGeo, Meteorological Institute or other provider

Wave buoys, Rig weather radar,Rig current meter

Meetings & presentations,TV screens, Include live, animated graphs in PowerPoint etc.

Show procedure limits,Helicopter & supply boat,Tresholds for wind, wave height and visibilty

Stores all data,Easily accessible,View statistics, compare forecast with observation

Web-based. Supports all operating systems. Easy to implement

Weather data is delivered by Storm Weather Center and Meterologisk Institutt (The Norwegian Meteorological Institute).

The user may view all live data in relation to predefined tresholds concerning safe movement and operations for the actual vessels and rigs.

WellOffice.net™ Weather Forecast

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