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WellOffice.net™ Suite

WellOffice.net™ is a web-based suite of applications especially tailored for the wells and drilling industry. Built from scratch inside the Wells department in A/S Norske Shell, our software engineers have worked closely with people supporting the operational processes while developing the various systems.

Our applications cover rig logistics, knowledge management, safe crane movement, training record management, daily cost control, KPI monitoring, project management, and HSEQ and human care taking. Now all our applicatons are prepared for rollout at other premises for the general drilling and wells operations worldwide.

Understanding the industry
Being a A/S Norske Shell contractor for over 10 years have provided us with priceless knowledge within the field of rig operations and logistics. Our applications are a direct result of this experience, as the majority of our software builds have either had an indirect or direct impact on efficiency, cost and HSE.

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